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Yin Yoga 

If you don't think you can 'do' yoga then come over to the Yinside. Yin Yoga can help counteract the busy chatter of modern life, providing an amazing tool for your mind and body. I offer this as a standalone service or as a way of helping incorporate the coaching method and improving our mine/body link.

Yin yoga combines floor based poses with meditation to help improve range of motion, stretch your whole body, and bring you a moment of calm.  Working with breath and energy in the body can help relieve stress and sleep better.

This practice is very suitable for beginners or those who are put off by the idea of more athletic practice.  For those who are very active, yin can help to counterbalance a lot of strenuous exercise and bring the body back to a more neutral state.

Yin Yoga Therapy (200YYTT) Certified

Hatha Yoga (300YTT) Certified

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