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Life Coaching: Jungian and Dream Coaching

Let me help you Start Your Journey

Life Coaching: Jungian and Dream Coaching

As a Certified Jungian Life Coach I can help with your personal transformation to uncover what is stopping you from living the fullest life you can and being your true self.  If you are ready to dive into your unconscious and unleash a more powerful you then you are in the right place!

Book a call to talk to my about my program "From Burnt out to Brilliant" which over 6 months will help you move forward in your life to achieve your goals

Certified Jungian Life Coach

Certified Dream Coach

Member of IJCA

Book Yin Yoga
If you don't think you can 'do' yoga then come over to the Yinside. Yin Yoga can help counteract the busy chatter of modern life, providing an amazing tool for your mind and body. I offer this as a standalone service or as a way of helping incorporate the coaching method and improving our mind/body link.

Yin Yoga Therapy (200YYTT) Certified

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