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How I came to Beat Burn Out with Yoga and Jung

Updated: Apr 30

Wind back to pre COVID and I was busy....working 50 hour weeks, commuting hundreds of miles, juggling fitness, friends and trying to fit in some fun with my husband while at the same time feeling depleted and with anxiety that seemed to come from nowhere.

A lot has happened since then! I discovered that the anxiety was being made worse by hormone fluctuations caused by peri menopause, that in turn made the juggling harder and I was in a cycle of burn out. I was starting to wonder if this was all there was to life, and despite doing what we are told to (being fit, eating well, yoga) I didn't seem able to ever catch up.

I have been lucky enough to be able to semi retire, deal with the hormones and spend the intervening four years working on myself, through yoga, meditation, and the help of modern psychology meeting Eastern philosophy in a coaching method pioneered by the amazing Dr Robert and Debra Maldonado. Now I am on a mission to help others beat their burn out, using the same tools.

Yin Yoga is a brilliant tool for getting inside our selves, giving us space to understand what is happening within as well as having some brilliant affects on our bodies. The amazing Andrea Hill, who first instructed me back in 2018, had me in tears my first ever class with a simple phrase:

"This time is for you, nothing to do, nowhere to be". I use that frequently now in my class, adding my own extra "no-one to perform for" to reinforce to my classes that yoga really is just about you, your breath, your body.

The Creative Mind coaching method brings in the best of Eastern philosophy, which so resonated with me as I got a better understanding through my yoga practice, and combines this with the psychology of Carl Jung (think shadow work, the path of individuation, dream analysis). It is a powerful tool for transformation and has changed me (for the better) forever.

Combining yoga and Jungian psychology is now a daily part of my life, whether it be through coming to the mat, meditating, creative imagination, looking at my dreams or teaching and coaching others.

If this resonates, and you want to try and beat your own burn out, give me a shout. I am currently (May 2024) offering free sessions so you can get a taster of what your own journey could look like. It's good to talk!


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