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I can help you go from
Burnt out to Brilliant

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From Burnt Out to Brilliant

You may have reached a stage in life where you are burnt out, stressed, and are very busy all the time without feeling like you are achieving what you need to.  It is easy to feel like you have lost yourself somewhere along the way.

I can help you in a number of ways with a bespoke approach that is right for you.  I combine the Jungian approach to coaching with Breathwork and simple Yin Yoga techniques so you can work on your mind and body at the same time. 

Transformation in your life comes from connecting to your truest self.  I can help you to understand and work with whatever is blocking you, whether it be emotional or energetic, so that you can gain clarity on what you want from life and how you can achieve your goals.  Every client receives an individual plan based on their individual needs and goals, and my help to complete their journey to their true self.


About Me

Sue Thomas-Taylor

Following a 30+ year career in hospitality and marketing, I changed direction to find out what else I could offer the world and myself. During my career I got the most satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals, and came to understand that most of the barriers in our way are self inflicted.  

Through studying and personally undertaking the Jungian process of individuation, combined with developing a more personal yoga practice, I have over the past four years been on a journey of personal transformation to find a more peaceful, happy and hopefully wise version of myself.  

I can help you undertake your own journey, in a way that is tailored to suit you, and can help you find a truer you.

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Sue is a great person always looking for the best for you. I felt really safe during our first meeting, her voice is an invitation to let go and stay focused in your innerworld. She helped me to get through some traumas in order to find myself again. I feel really grateful for the time I have spent with her. I will definitely recommend her !

Thanks for your positive energy and good vibes.

Lucie, France

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